Bee Loud is Innisfree Hotels’ full-service in-house hotel marketing agency.

Bee Loud is Innisfree Hotels’ full-service in-house hotel marketing agency.  Our ten person in-house marketing team includes our Chief Marketing Officer, social media strategists, designers, photographers, a writer, digital advertising and analytics experts and a developer.

Our properties are national market leaders in social media engagement and reach. Bee Loud’s multi-channel digital campaigns build awareness and grow top line revenue. Our smart distribution and digital advertising strategies capture more direct bookings. (All of our hotels are top performers with their respective brands for direct bookings.) Our new hotel ramp up campaigns break brand pre-opening booking records.

We have personal relationships with the major hotel brands, and we’ve learned how to leverage brand ecommerce programs for maximum results.  We understand hotel marketing performance metrics and measure success in dollars.

Bee Loud is one of the best hotel marketing teams in the country and we only serve Innisfree Hotels’ owned and managed properties, giving our hotels a competitive advantage. Because we’re in-house, we’re able to charge an affordable, all-inclusive monthly fee that gives our hotels unlimited real person support and training. With one vendor, one point of contact and one package price, we offer more ‘buzz’ for every buck.

Innisfree is the only hotel management company in the U.S. offering this level of marketing expertise to its properties and clients.

Be Heard, Bee Loud.


Reputation + Customer Relationship Management

Bee Loud turns guest data into revenue. Online reviews are the new measure of guest satisfaction. We enable our hotels to join the conversation, then leverage sentiment data to improve guest experiences.

We generate revenue from what guests say about our hotels with …

  • Sentiment analysis and social listening software to ‘mine’ and interpret guest sentiment data.
  • Quarterly ‘Voice of Customer’ reports and operational analysis.
  • Implementation of strategies to increase review frequency and rankings.
  • Deepening guest engagement through a better understanding of our guest’s preferences.

Digital Advertising

We implement click-through ad campaigns on multiple channels such as Bing, Google, Facebook, and Meta Search sites so our hotels are on the same page as our guests at the moment they are ready to buy.

Our online campaigns outshine the rest because …

  • We are Certified Google & Bing Partners.
  • We perform Advanced Ongoing Optimizations.
  • Our ads Retarget Website Users and Social Media Fans ‘in-market’ for our hotels.

Email Marketing

We offer list management and sales lead generation with compelling and targeted email marketing. Our targeted email campaigns deliver smart, creative content to generate sales leads and nurture guest relationships.

We ‘bee’ a lead generator by …

  • Building large permission-based email lists.
  • Delivering tested laser-targeted content.

Multi-Channel Content Marketing

More website traffic means more direct bookings. Our multi-channel campaigns break through the noise and capture new guests and direct bookings? Team Bee Loud gives our properties the voice they deserve with a proven mix of email, social media and digital promotions that help our properties dominate search results.

Creative and laser-targeted campaigns distributed on multiple channels yield unprecedented BUZZ for our hotels. We’ll engage our guests wherever they hang out – whether it be our hotel websites, review sites, social media or our lobby. We generate demand, drive up occupancy and ADR, and decrease OTA commissions via increased direct bookings.

Our hotels can Bee Loud and Bee Heard with …

  • Integrated Promotions: on property, social media, review sites and ads.
  • Consistent Brand Image on multiple platforms, on and offline

Social Media

Finally, a reason to ‘like’ social media.

Bee Loud creates and delivers some of the best hotel social media campaigns in the country. By producing highly entertaining and useful content and responding to guest questions in a timely manner, we ensure our online interactions create value across multiple platforms.

Social media isn’t about following the masses. It’s about engaging a target audience. Bee Loud uses customer data to refine or message and visual identity. We also create fun campaigns that incentivize our guests to share their experience via User Generated Content (UGC). UGC generates website traffic, deepens guest relationships, increases customer satisfaction and inspires recommendations from your happy guests.

We get to know our guests through …

  • Data-driven campaigns featuring Custom Photography, Video and Topical Content.
  • Truly Captivating Storytelling, centered around our guests.
  • Creating relationships that turn guests into brand evangelists.
  • Quality ‘Branded’ UGC shared on multiple social platforms.

Website Design

Bee Loud websites are designed to convert ‘lookers’ into ‘direct bookers’. We create dramatic sites with stunning custom imagery to authentically reflect the unique personality of our hotels. Our responsive design detects the visitorʼs device and resizes the page for optimal viewing.

Set your sights on our sites for …

  • Content Management System that simplifies ongoing optimizations and updates.
  • Responsive Design that drives direct bookings on phones and tablets.
  • Search Engine Optimization that puts our hotels on top.
  • Tested and Proven Navigation that provides an optimal user experience.
  • Seamless Booking Engine Navigation that generates more direct bookings.

Data-Driven Analysis + Actionable Reporting

Internet search data captures the interests and intents of millions of people and provides important insights into consumer behaviors, sentiments and trends. Bee Loud helps Innisfree’s properties gain actionable insights into topics such as hospitality industry trends and emerging geographic markets.

We also make sure we know how our hotels are performing online, then use this data to optimize our digital campaigns to increase both revenue and direct bookings

Bee Loud monthly digital health reports outline …

  • Channel Distribution and Revenue Analysis.
  • Website Performance and Revenue Production.