Dixon School of Arts & Sciences

In 2012, three retired principals – Dr. Wendy Bennett, Ms. Modeste McCovey and Ms. Linda Scott – along with Pastor LuTimothy May, Mrs. Stephanie Stephens-Beach, and Julian and Kim MacQueen, discussed their desire to open a private school to meet the needs of underserved children in the Pensacola community.

Their vision was to provide values-based excellence in academic achievement with a focus on the arts and sciences, while providing creative experiences for scholars, their families and the community. Julian and Kim MacQueen’s focus on corporate social responsibility at Innisfree Hotels was always an integral part of turning this vision into reality.  

Today, Dixon School of Arts & Sciences has become a part of the Innisfree family, where scholars excel in academics, arts and sciences. The Innisfree family has been at the forefront in celebrating student accomplishments, tutoring scholars, encouraging artistic exposure and fostering excellence in science through From The Ground Up Community Garden programs. Innisfree employees have rolled up their sleeves and created, built, repaired, painted, moved furniture, cleaned and so much more – all in the name of creating a safe and inspiring environment for learning.

Innisfree continues its support of Dixon School of Arts & Sciences as Director of Development Rich Chism serves on the school’s Board of Directors. Also participating in this collaborative effort to educate and inspire are the company’s Accounting and Payroll Departments, Bee Loud Marketing Agency, Hotel Employee Holiday and Fundraising Festivities and From the Ground Up science exploration with Elizabeth Eubanks.

Dixon School of the Arts and Sciences, together with the Innisfree family, is working tirelessly to be recognized as one of the nation’s premier educational institutions – enriching and benefiting its scholars, their families and the community.

In 2019, Innisfree Hotels began renovations on the all-new Dixon School of Arts & Sciences. Scholars will be able to call the new location home for the 2019-2020 school year. Julian and Kim MacQueen personally donated $1.25 million toward the renovations, curriculum and the sustained success and growth of the school.