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Chef De Cuisine


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Position Summary

The Chef de Cuisine is responsible for all aspects of the kitchen such as menu plans, operations, recipes, financial responsibility, portion and inventory control, food quality, and employee supervision. The Chef de Cuisine provides leadership training and hands-on management of the kitchen staff. The Chef de Cuisine is in charge of executing the food in the main kitchen for the restaurants and In Room Dinning, drives menu design and kitchen creativity and is responsible for growing and developing the product and profitability of the food service program. The Chef de Cuisine provides a consistent product and experience achieving revenue targets and managing costs as well as ensures all staff under direct supervision are focused and demonstrating a Guest Centric attitude and culture. In addition to maintaining our vision by adhering to our values and management principles, this position must provide the highest level of service to our guests.


Principle Duties and Responsibilities

·         Exhibit culinary talents by personally performing day-to-day tasks, producing key menu items, while leading the staff and managing all food related functions

·         Works the line with the culinary team to provide continuous coaching

·         Inspect every dish that comes out of the line to ensure high quality standards are met

·         Assist the team with platting

·         Perform table visits to engage with our guests and find areas of improvement

·         Ensure exceptional quality of all ingredients, preparation and plating of food items

·         Control labor and operating expenses through effective planning, budgeting, purchasing decisions, and inventory control while focusing on creative cost control and revenue generation solutions to maximize profit

·         Conduct daily line checks, food reviews and recipes of the day; Ensures that clear feedback is provided to the entire kitchen team and food service staff and management

·         Work closely with the kitchen manager on costing, production and control for proper recipe execution and waste management

·         Coordinate the selection, training, coaching, development, motivation, and evaluation of kitchen employees to ensure exceptional food quality and presentation for our guests

·         Be visible in the Mess Hall and specialty events providing recognition to guests, promoting food positive public relations, handling special requests

·         Ensure that sanitation standards as set forth by local, state and federal Health Department regulations are in compliance as well as the cleanliness and organization of the kitchen and its equipment as well as training staff on proper sanitation guidelines

·         Assess the need for and report necessary kitchen repairs

·         Monitor and maintain use of safe food handling procedures as well as a safe working environment by using and ensuring staff use correct food handling skills and food safety guidelines

·         Ensure proper staffing levels by assisting in the recruiting, interviewing and hiring talented kitchen staff members in accordance with the PDA’s hiring policies

·         Manage assigned staff, including scheduling, training, performance feedback, discipline, investigations and terminations

·         Maintain current kitchen schedules, staffing templates, and staff employee files

·         Assure and/or conduct ongoing training and professional development of kitchen staff

·         Step in for other kitchen staff as needed

·         Attend staff and management meetings as needed

·         Other duties as assigned by supervisor or other management


Minimum Qualifications

1.       Culinary Certificate or Degree by an accredited culinary agency preferred

2.       Serve Safe Certification

3.       7-10 years’ experience in an professional from scratch busy kitchen, pubs and restaurant environment

4.       Strong preference for a chef who already locally sources their ingredients

5.       Able to deliver and exceed the expectations of a highly demanding clientele

6.       Ability to obtain and/or maintain any government required licenses, certificates or permits

7.       Professional appearance and manner, good character to work in a fast-paced team

8.       Positive, honest, and energetic work ethic

9.       Solid track record of success; demonstrating upward career tracking

10.    Able to work ten hour-plus shifts plus the ability to stand, sit or walk for extended periods of time

11.    Able to grasp, lift and/or carry up to 50 lbs. as needed

12.    Finger/hand dexterity to operate kitchen machinery, knives, etc.

13.    Able to withstand changes in temperature, occasional smoke, steam and heat and work in a confined area

14.    Must possess hearing, visual and sensory abilities to observe and detect emergency situations; also to distinguish product, taste texture, temperature and presentation and preparation


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1.       Strong communication skills

2.       Strong leadership skills, ability to motivate teams to produce consistently great food

3.       Adept at working effectively in high energy and busy environments and works well under pressure

4.       Willing and able to work evenings, weekends and holidays

5.       Can work on own as well as part of a team

6.       Passion for good food, local ingredients and quality customer experiences

7.       Excellent knife skills

8.       Must love and enjoy working with food

9.       Ability to portion control on a large scale

Key Competencies

Key competencies include management, manages times well, communication, give clear and effective direction, produce large quantities of food well, attention to detail, integrity, honesty, problem solving, reliability, adaptability, and efficiency. Adhering to our Core Values includes being guest-centric, teamwork, respect, pro-active, accountable, learning and sustainable. As a manager at the Fort you are also held accountable for our Management Principles: communicate, lead, achieve, delegate, improve, mentor and inspire.




Physical Activity                                                  

Sitting – Frequent

Walking  – Frequent

Climbing stairs – Rare

Crouching/Bending/Stooping – Frequent

Reaching  –  Occasional

Grasping  -Frequent

Pushing/Pulling –  Constant

Near Vision – Constant

Far Vision – Frequent

Hearing – Constant

Talking  – Frequent

Smell – Constant

Lifting/Carrying(# lbs) – Frequent, up to 50+ lbs

Travel – Never





Expected Hiring Date 

1 to 3 days


Hires Needed