Night Auditor

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Full Time

Holiday Inn Resort

Fort Walton Beach, FL

Job Description

The night auditor checks front-office accounting records for accuracy and, on a daily basis, summarizes and compiles information for the hotel’s financial records. He or she also tracks room revenue, occupancy percentages and other front-office operating statistics. The night auditor prepares a summary of cash, check and credit card activities, reflecting the hotel’s financial performance for the day. Additionally, the night auditor will post room charges and room taxes to guest accounts including guest transactions not posted during the day by the front-office cashier. 

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned. 

• Demonstrates Innisfree Hotels’ culture by creating a fun, happy and safe work environment. 

• Posts room charges and taxes to guest accounts. 

• Processes guest charges vouchers and credit card vouchers.  

• Post charges to the guest accounts that have not been posted or were incurred on the night audit shift.  

• Transfer charges and deposits to master accounts.  

• Verifies that all charges are assigned to the appropriate departments.  

• Verifies that all transactions performed at the front desk are supported by documentary evidence and signatures as necessary and that they have been correctly posted and allocated into the PMS system.  

• Verifies that all charges posted from the POS Software and SPA software have reached the correct guest folios and are not missing.

• Print and file reservations for the next business day.  

• Verifies all account postings and balances.

• Verifies that room rates are correct and post those rates to guest accounts. 

• Monitors the current status of coupons, discounts and other promotional programs.  

• Is able to function as a front desk agent, especially in terms of check-in and check-out procedures.  

• Tracks room revenues, occupancy percentages and other front-office statistics. 

• Prepares a summary of cash, check and credit card activities. 

• Summarizes results of operations for management.

• Check figures, postings and documents for accuracy. Record, store, access and/or analyze computerized financial information.  

• Prepare end-of-day procedures. 

• Follow the End-of-Day / Night Audit checklist. 

• Must have complete knowledge of emergency procedures.  

• Balance the day’s charges, making corrections as necessary. 

• Enter wake-up calls. 

• Run the end-of-day process in property management software (PMS).  

• Understand the principles of auditing, balancing and closing out accounts. 

• Knows how to operate PMS, typewriters and other front office equipment.  

• Respond to guest needs, special requests and complaints and alert the appropriate manager as needed. 

• Perform nightly balancing of in-room video and long-distance telephone services.

• Understand and knows how to perform check-in and check-out procedures. 

• Performs other duties as assigned.