Success Framework

Definition of Success

A burgeoning legacy company that is financially stable, socially responsible, adaptable, profitable and is recognized as a model of excellence in the hotel industry.

Requirements of Success

To be financially stable is to be able to take advantage of opportunities and weather financial crises.
To be socially responsible is to support our Corporate Social Responsibility Program (called The Hive).
To be adaptable means to embrace world and industry trends and to shutter outdated corporate strategies.
Being recognized means winning industry awards in the categories of management, marketing, and development.


To create fun and memorable experiences for everyone we touch.


To be, and to be recognized as, the best hotel company in the world.


We will use an inspiring company culture to develop, operate and promote hotels that guests love and where employees thrive. We will embrace the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ approach to business accountability by striving to balance people, planet, and profits.

Core Values

Service is the core of everything we do; we live to serve.
We maximize profits in order to grow the company and create new jobs. We encourage each other to work hard, and we share in the profits.
We encourage each other to be authentic and to use our ‘culture tools’ to express our feelings in a safe and supportive environment.
We explore, value, and celebrate our diversity of race, religion, sexual orientation, age, and gender,
We embrace our responsibility to the planet. We strive to learn and implement current best practices in corporate environmental stewardship.
We recognize that innovation is key to our growth and relevance. We continually look for big ideas that increase value and improve guest experiences.
We treat each other as family, maybe even better.