Inspired by a line from our company’s namesake poem, “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” our Hive is a busy place for the Innisfree family to connect with each other – and do good in the world.

The purpose of The Hive is to foster a workplace that promotes a culture of responsibility and service to humanity. Innisfree Hotels has always strived to create opportunities for our employees and associates to better the communities we call home.

We’re a ‘Triple Bottom Line’ company, so we measure our success not only on profits, but also on our impact on people and the planet. We believe that being a principled corporate citizen means recognizing a need to protect the environment by implementing sustainable business practices, and by supporting the communities in which we live and operate.

In The Hive, we have chosen to focus on projects of significance, using our talents and capacity as an organization to make a big impact.

The Hive Founders

Julian & Kim MacQueen


We hope our commitment to the community will inspire other businesses and make a difference. Read on to learn the buzz about our projects.


Marginalized People Groups


Healthy Food Options

Rusty Branch

Executive Dir. of the Hive Foundation

As executive director of the Hive, I believe this foundation will be pivotal in building better communities wherever Innisfree Hotels owns and operates properties. It is a core belief at Innisfree Hotels that we should use our financial prosperity and employee talent to give back to the places we call home. Whether that be through supporting existing organizations that are already striving to make our communities better or by bringing the best practices from around the Country and World to better the lives of those we employee and interact with daily. As a Triple Bottom Line company, we are keenly aware that creating better communities is not just an opportunity, but an obligation and our foundation’s aim is to ensure that is done with as much fidelity and excellence as any task we undertake.